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Hi I’m Dan | 16 years old | ♀

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Do you like to speak English while you speak Spanish? Si, me encanta.



Paintings I did for the song sequence “For the First Time in Forever”.  So much fun trying to get these to feel like real paintings for an animated world!


helpful boyfrienddd

he’s trying very hard


nice characters are good and important and strong

nice characters are not in any way inherently less interesting or complex or cool or badass than asshole characters

nice characters who go through hell and still remain good and kind and compassionate are so so strong

nice characters are not weak or boring or less badass, nice characters are awesome.


My brother cosplayed as Steven Universe today at WonderCon… It was the best… People would chant “Cheesburger backpack!!! Cheeseburger backpack!!!” every time they saw him… Someone even shouted “I love you Steven” as we were leaving…



After a lot of rain here in FL these baby frogs appeared. They eerily all faced the same direction.



okay, so here’s the thing I finished up on stream just now. I said I wanted to draw the tree boy story and I am, little by little!

I think this is the first actual formatted comic that I’ve done so I really hope it makes sense for other people and that you enjoy it. I’m not sure when or if the rest is going to come, hopefully it will, but I will have to see how things go for me!

make me choosearianneofthesea asked Arendelle or Corona?


419. It’s finally here
Sketching while watching tv with the fam. Happy Easter everyone!


inconsistency at its best orz anyways have shota-megane high school AU Armin huehueue

Each year on her birthday, the King and Queen released thousands of lanterns into the sky in hope that one day - their lost Princess would return.


i feel like eren is one of those people that when they get scared all of a sudden they use some fucking ninja reflexes and accidentally punch SOMEONE STRAIGHT IN THE FACE LIKE, I MAGINE HIM BEING IN A HAUNTED HOUSE HE’D LEAVE EVERY SINGLE ACTOR WITH A BLACK EYE


Well, hello that escalated quickly |ω・)

I’ve wanted to draw some SNK for a long time now. I had to tackle the gruesome right away.

kingdomhearts-lll answered: eren being frsutrated w/ armin bc hes always right

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